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Property Equality official UK launch!!

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Today, Property Equality has its official launch in the UK!!  Property Equality, the first Property Portal designed to serve as a 'home finder' tool for the global LGBT community, alongside informative editorial to raise awareness for the Community in its property and financial planning objectives. Property Equality’s offering is being rolled out on a country-by-country basis. Watch out for our next launch - after Spain and the UK, where might that be?!

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Property Transactions in Spain – get the Paperwork right!

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Ms Elena Montesinos is an ‘old school’ examined and certified real estate agent and transaction expert, based in Moraira on Spain’s Mediterranean ‘Costa Blanca’.  Elena has made it her quest to ensure that buyers less familiar with established property transaction process in Spain are well and safely guided through the process of realising their dream of a property in the sun.  All too often, foreign buyers fall into the trap of relying on below-standard agents and counsel promoting themselves as ‘speaking your language’ but not adequately familiar with localised rules and correct practice – and who often do not have the client’s best interest at heart.The Buyer-Seller pre-Completion AgreementsA Reservation Agreement with an associated Reservation Fee, typically of Euro 3,000 or more, is widely used under established property transaction procedure to provide an element of mutual protection.  For a prospective buyer, this is to compensate the vendor for agreeing to take the property off the market for a pre-agreed period of time (e.g. 2 weeks), giving the buyer this period of exclusivity to prepare and sign a more comprehensive 10% Deposit Contract with the vendor.If the buyer decides not to proceed with the signing of the 10% Deposit Contract within the pre-agreed exclusivity time period, the Reservation Fee would then typically continue to belong to the vendor without further obligation on the vendor’s part, unless either (a) the exclusivity period had been extended by mutual agreement, or (b) verifiable ‘force majeure’ causes or (c) genuine legal issues or construction problems were present and could be substantiated.In the case of legitimate issues in relation to the property having been highlighted during the preparation of the 10% Deposit Contract, appropriate resolution stipulations would then become part of the 10% Deposit Contract as matters to be resolved by the vendor prior to the Completion Date, the latest date for which would also be stated in the 10% Deposit Contract.  Failure on the part of the vendor to resolve such issues to comply with the signed 10% Deposit Contract, prior to the agreed completion deadline, would then give the buyer the option to request for the immediate return of the full 10% deposit (which would include the money initially paid as the Reservation Fee).To ensure you are best protected, seek quality Advice from Certified Specialists, knowledgeable about Localised Rules and Correct Practice!!

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Best LGBT Cities 2017

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10 UK Cities in Nestpick’s Best LGBT Cities 2017 ranking, placing London, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh within the top 30, with Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff being listed below the top 30 but still within the top 100.  Nestpick’s ranking takes into account LGBT Community polling on Dating, LGBT Nightlife, Openness, Safety, and LGBT Rights.Click here to read more on The Tab

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The Effect of an LGBT Community on House Prices

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 A US study by Trulia and OK Cupid supports the assertion that attracting the LGBT Community boosts property prices and local amenities.   However, while such local neighbourhoods may therefore seem to thrive on the ‘Pink Dollar’ and enjoy relatively better amenities, this study also suggests that the expense to live in such neighbourhoods has risen relatively more strongly, thereby raising the 'barrier to entry' for newcomers desiring to live in these neighbourhoods. Click here to read more on  Gay Star News

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Property Equality to raise awareness about LGBT youth Homelessness

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We are really enthusiastic to now have this platform from which to try our best to assist existing efforts to raise awareness more widely of the plight of so many young and vulnerable LGBT individuals globally, exposed to socio-economic marginalisation and abuse – and frequently driven into homelessness and dangerous living on the streets. Frankly, letting down vulnerable youngsters in this manner is a real stain on our so-called ‘civilisation’!

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A Message from LGBT Capital

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Anders Jacobsen, co-Founder of LGBT Capital and the Chairman of Property Equality, said ‘The LGBT Community and its friends are becoming increasingly conscious of their power to create positive change through their spending and investment decisions, and companies and service providers are increasingly responding accordingly. It is our hope that more governments will now also wake up to the positive socio-economic potential offered to all by this much maligned and frequently socially marginalised Community!’




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