LGBT Planning

Your Purchase

As with any Property Transaction, especially if it is in a Country you are less familiar with, it is essential to get pertinent Legal Advice as well as advice on Insurance and Protection. For the LGBT Community, there may be other issues to consider, in particular if you are buying with a Partner and do not have the legal protection offered by marriage or if you are buying in a Country that does not legally recognise your partnership. In seeking advice, it is important that your Adviser understands the specific issues faced by LGBT purchasers and is somebody you feel comfortable talking to about your situation. Property purchase is also a point at which it may well make sense to consider your broader financial position, including Insurance and Retirement related planning, as purchasing a property may be part of or impact on such planning. For more information on Financial considerations for the LGBT Community and/or regarding our Panel of LGBT accredited law firms, click here and request being connected to an Adviser.

Your Protection

Buying a property is a very major decision and will veery often highlight other issues such as Insurance and Family/Partner Protection. For the LGBT Community, this may be even more important where legal partnership protection is not yet in place. When purchasing a property, as well as the Insurance on the property itself, it will be important to consider Life Insurance needs and potentially also protection to cover the eventuality of not being able to pay the mortgage, e.g. as a result of loss-of-earnings. For LGBT purchasers, it will also be important to consider possible additional Partner Protection, in particular if same-sex couple legal protection does not apply in the Country in which you are purchasing. Many prefer to discuss such issues with Advisers who understand and respect their Life Style. For more information, click here and request information on finding an Adviser.

Talk to an LGBT Accredited Mortgage Adviser with access to mortgages from providers who cater to and respect the LGBT Community. For more information and a no-obligations quote, click here.

Your Mortgage

Getting a mortgage for your property purchase is an important consideration. For LGBT purchasers buying with a partner, there may be additional issues to consider such as protection, in particular where a same-sex partnership is not recognised. Many LGBT people also like to talk to a Mortgage Adviser who understands their issues and has access to mortgages from providers who cater to the needs of LGBT clients. For more information, click here and request information on finding a Mortgage Adviser.

Your Retirement

Research in the UK has found that LGBT retirement can have a significant premium attached to it, as locations with a thriving LGBT Community are very often also more expensive. Buying a property (and particularly a holiday/retirement home) is very often the time to consider your future and planning for retirement as your property may form an important component of this. It will be important to get advice from an Adviser that understands your situation and retirement aspirations. Buying a dream home for retirement is something that will need to be afforded when you eventually retire and it will be important to consider this as well as the property itself. For more information on finding an Adviser, click here.

Your Holiday Home

Purchasing a Holiday Home (which could potentially also be a later home in Retirement) may add further issues to consider. Getting localised advice is important and it might also be a time to consider future Life Plans, including retirement planning, in particular if this is a place you would like to retire to. As an LGBT purchaser, it is critical to understand how current laws in the location you are buying in may require additional planning. For more information, including possible no-obligations mortgage quotations, click here and request being connected to an Adviser.

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