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Thailand stands to enjoy significant benefits from its forward thinking stance on LGBT inclusion.

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Thailand could become the first in Southeast Asia to allow same-sex unions, with significant positive implications, including for jointly owned assets and inheritance, as well as for the country’s profile in the competition among many Asian countries to attract the purchasing power of the LGBT Community.While disagreements continue among Thailand’s parliamentarians and the law has yet to passed by Parliament, after its approval by Cabinet late last year, the public relations and international profile related signals are already being picked up by the LGBT Community, internationally as well as within Thailand itself, significantly enhancing Thailand’s existing appeal to the Community as a holiday and retirement destination.Click here to read more from

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Recent judgment by the Philippines Supreme Court to deny LGBT marriage equality further damages country’s appeal to the LGBT Community.

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The ruling against same-sex marriage came despite the Court acknowledging that the country’s 1987 Constitution "does not define or restrict marriage on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression". However, as a potentially positive signal, the Court also highlighted the country’s history of anti-LGBT discrimination, calling on the Philippines’’ Congress to address the recognition of same-sex unions.Meanwhile, the so-called SOGIE anti-discrimination bill has been languishing in parliament, with its third reading passed by the House of Representative now over 2 years ago, but since dying in the Senate – and then resubmitted for the current Congress.This stands in sharp contrast to the recent efforts by other Asian destinations such as Thailand and Taiwan, with their significant and very positive efforts to promote greater LGBT equality and inclusion, and the resulting much greater appeal to the LGBT Community when it comes to the fierce competition between destinations for the valuable LGBT travel and tourism segment, as well as attracting property purchase by the LGBT Community for second homes and retirement planning purposes.Click here to read more from




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