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Sifting through thousands of agents and properties to find your dream home can be a daunting experience. Property Equality is designed to help the LGBT Community and its Friends find homes in the right locations. With our in-depth knowledge of the LGBT property market, we filter properties from multiple agents to suit the requirements of the LGBT Community.


Studies have shown that a thriving LGBT Community can support the regeneration of previously blighted urban areas and encourage greater social inclusion - as well as making great places to live, this dynamic can also help drive prices higher.

Property Equality is the brainchild of LGBT Capital (www.LGBT-Capital.com), co-venturing with social media and technology-build expertise from DragonStack (www.dragonstack.com). Centred on the value created by LGBT Diversity & Inclusion and the power of LGBT consumers, LGBT Capital is dedicated to furthering LGBT freedoms globally. LGBT Capital has carried out extensive research to estimate the 'size' and 'value' of the Global LGBT market and believes that such context information is very important to highlight the value of the LGBT market to Companies and Governments, as a powerful tool to promote LGBT equality and drive positive change.

The LGBT population is widely accepted to account for somewhere between 5% and 10% of the total population, and with recent developments in particular, the LGBT Community is securing increased positive awareness and equality - with visibly increased LGBT consumer segment momentum and recognition as a result. LGBT Capital estimates the Global aggregated spending power of this consumer base (the LGBT-GDP) to be well in excess of US$3 trillion per annum - from a population of some 450 million individuals globally.

LGBT as a population segment is widely accepted as having higher disposable income and growth-friendly consumption patterns and LGBT Capital estimates LGBT-Wealth, the LGBT population’s share of Global Household Wealth, to be around US$15 trillion.

LGBT Capital produces regular research papers to quantify LGBT-Wealth, LGBT-GDP and the inbound LGBT Tourism & Travel market. To request a copy of "Quantifying LGBT-GDP, LGBT-Wealth and LGBT Travel - Executive Summary" from LGBT Capital, please email info@LGBT-Capital.com with subject line "LGBT-GDP (Property Equality)" to request a copy via email.

Working together, we can secure greater freedoms and equal rights for the LGBT Community globally!!

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