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The UK’s attractiveness to the LGBT Community – implications of Brexit?

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With extensive UK media coverage of the bigotry unleashed by Brexit, the resulting ‘opening of Pandora’s box’ to reveal anti-LGBT, racial, anti-Semitic and other prejudices and hate speech, the damage to the UK’s hereto reputation as an inclusive and relatively successfully multi-cultural society has already been done.

The Brexit turmoil and rhetoric has acted to validate such bigoted thinking and speech – and the resulting damage to the UK’s appeal as a destination for LGBT tourism and travel is likely to be manifest going forward.  For property purchases by non-UK resident members of the LGBT Community, London is likely to be most affected. However, this shift in public perception may also increasingly encourage members of the UK’s own LGBT Community to move abroad, whether seeking to work or to retire to a more genuinely inclusive environment.

This may create opportunities for other countries and destinations - within Europe, not least for Spain, already top of the list for UK citizens living abroad within the European Union, as well as Ireland and France which typically take second and third place on the list of EU countries popular among Brits abroad – and potentially for other forward thinking countries and destinations (e.g. certain cities) as well.


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