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Best LGBT Cities 2017

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10 UK Cities in Nestpick’s Best LGBT Cities 2017 ranking, placing London, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh within the top 30, with Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff being listed below the top 30 but still within the top 100.  Nestpick’s ranking takes into account LGBT Community polling on Dating, LGBT Nightlife, Openness, Safety, and LGBT Rights.Click here to read more on The Tab

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The Effect of an LGBT Community on House Prices

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 A US study by Trulia and OK Cupid supports the assertion that attracting the LGBT Community boosts property prices and local amenities.   However, while such local neighbourhoods may therefore seem to thrive on the ‘Pink Dollar’ and enjoy relatively better amenities, this study also suggests that the expense to live in such neighbourhoods has risen relatively more strongly, thereby raising the 'barrier to entry' for newcomers desiring to live in these neighbourhoods. Click here to read more on  Gay Star News

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The LGBT Market

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The LGBT market is a significant and growing market. In 2015, LGBT Capital estimated that the LGBT population in Spain alone is over 3 million and represents some US$73 billion in spending power each year. Globally, the LGBT population is estimated at over 400 million with a spending power of some US$3 trillion and an estimated total wealth of US$15 trillion. These are serious numbers and should command respect!




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