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Best LGBT Cities 2017

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10 UK Cities in Nestpick’s Best LGBT Cities 2017 ranking, placing London, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh within the top 30, with Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff being listed below the top 30 but still within the top 100.  Nestpick’s ranking takes into account LGBT Community polling on Dating, LGBT Nightlife, Openness, Safety, and LGBT Rights.Click here to read more on The Tab

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Property Equality unofficial Launch

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LGBT Capital, the LGBT consumer sector investment firm, in partnership with social media technology company DragonStack today announced the unofficial launch of Property Equality, the first Property Portal designed to serve the global LGBT community with properties in locations popular with the Community, as well as with informative editorial to raise awareness for the Community in its property and financial planning objectives. Property Equality’s offering is being rolled out on a country-by-country basis. Watch out for our soon-to-be official launch!




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